Friday, September 19, 2008

The world runs on Cache

I've been playing around with my framework's caching mechanism lately. Although not perfect, I have implemented a caching scheme for (rol) on the pages that seemed to need it the most. Notably, the overall character page and the "Add New ..." sections for advantages, skills, etc. I took an overly conservative outlook on this, so there may be times when you are expecting the page to load quickly and it doesn't. However, at the very least it should reflect any changes that are made (either by you or someone else in the system, such as someone adding a new spell).

If the site starts getting pounded, I may revisit this and attempt to implement something that is slightly smarter.

For right now, I've only turned this on at the demo site, but it will soon be propagated to the main site if I don't hear any negative feedback in the next few days.

Expect to enjoy some quicker page loads in the near future!

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