Friday, August 31, 2007

First Post

Wow! I've been working on the site, and I just looked at the number of characters (and users) in the system, and it went from 2 to 35 character between times I've looked! I guess I should probably start thinking about moving to a development site soon so you don't see my debug code all over the place (usually on character saves, etc).

If there's something specific that you are looking for, let me know, as I'm am pretty much aimlessly working on items that I feel like as I see them (I just finished adding support for Perks/Quirks. Well, finished for now, I suppose). If there is interest in a certain area, I'll make sure to spend more time there as I will know that someone actually wants to use it. For instance, adding support for Supers characters is currently pretty low on my list, but if someone wants to create a supers character, let me know and I'll start adding support for it.

One note to users: if you think something is editable but you don't see an edit box on it, TRY CLICKING ON THE ITEM. This will usually give you a box to do your editing. I'm seeing a lot of "John Doe"'s in the database, which is the default character name if you don't provide one. You can always go back and change the name later, but I just thought I'd mention this since it looks like a lot of people aren't noticing it.

The best way to contact me is probably to click on the "Problem" link at the top and fill out the form. That way I can track problems and suggestions a little better. If I don't respond within a reasonable amount of time, feel free to email me: gurps "at" natemac "dot" com.

While I'm at it, you'll probably notice that there aren't a lot of graphics on the site, and the login page is way too generic for common use. While my strengths do lie in database and PHP programming, my talent is not in graphical design. If anyone out there is so inclined, I'd be interested in talking with someone about helping me out with graphics (or even a better HTML login page). It's all for the GURPS community, no money will be changing hands. However, If you let me know who your GM is, I'll do my best to get you some bonus character points for your effort! @:-)